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How to solve a non-linear equation

Before proceeding to non linear equations let’s understand what is a “system of equations”?  A system of equations is a set of different equations that can be interrelated to reach a final solution. Now this set or system of equations can be of linear equations too. Read more →

Algebraic Functions: Domain and Range, Even – Odd functions – Operation/Combination

We have already discussed about algebraic functions earlier but it being a vast topic there are few associated chapters to it which are equally important to be learnt about. We will see those here in details.

Firstly, as we know, there are two ends of a relation and function, domain and range. Determining domain and range or determining whether the relation is a function from a given set of domain and range is also necessary. Read more →

Special Factoring: Formulae and Techniques

Factoring is a very handy tool to solve a lot of algebraic equations quickly and easily. There are problems in algebra where you require the application of factoring at the very first step of the solution else you won’t be able to proceed. So factoring is a very important chapter of intermediate algebra. Read more →

How to Solve or Simplify a Rational Expression

Before we try to simplify or solve any rational expression or do any mathematical operation with them we need to know what exactly a rational expression is.
A rational expression is a fraction with polynomials as its numerator or denominator.  It’s also called a polynomial fraction and all the possible calculations that you can apply on a fraction is also applicable on a rational expression. However the only difference is that since it involves a polynomial function as either its numerator or denominator or both we first need to simplify that to get a real value which in turn will simplify the rational expression. Read more →